Activ-Bioresonance Bamboo Vitalplasters

The effects of the i-like Active-Bioresonance Bamboo-Vitalplasters
i-like's founder Dr. Alfred Gruber has, since the beginning, since there have been Vital plasters (2000/2001) applied himself to their development and their applications. With his bestselling book "The Vital Plaster Book", in 2014 he publicised a new generation of potential applications for Vital plasters. Through his innovative research and development, a generation of Vital plasters has been created, which have the same principle in common with the original Vital plasters. The ingredients have changed considerably, 450 times more concentrated bamboo extract is highly effective. Bioresonance programming makes the application more secure and also more perfect. The new generation of vital plasters are also vegan, 100% natural, Emoto water crystal certified and have received many awards and special descriptions by scientists. With more than 5,000 professionals advising, an enormous wealth of application possibilities has emerged. Over 1,000 applications have been documented to date. Detoxification and well-being in perfection.





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