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  • Do you want to feel good because of good air that is as free as possible from pollution, harmonises electrosmog and at the same time provides a lot of energy (Qi)? The OptimizAir harmonises e-smog, offers efficient air purification in up to 50 m², filters 99.97% of all viruses, bacteria, pollen, fine dust, etc., impresses with a unique bamboo activated carbon filter to neutralise odours and harmonise Qi (energy) and offers the option of room fragrancing. The OptimizAir is ideal for your living and working space.

    Product dimensions: Length 38 cm, width 16 cm, height 40 cm

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    Product details

    The OptimizAir is an air filtration system that can be used anywhere in your living and working environment. The electronic device is suitable for rooms up to 50 m².

    Thanks to the efficient combination of three different filter technologies (including bamboo activated carbon filters), the integration of i-like technology and the scenting option with compositions of natural essential oils, you get excellent breathing air. In addition, you benefit from positive frequencies to promote bioresistance thanks to the i-like technology. Thanks to the OptimizAir air charged with frequencies, you take in harmonised air and thus optimise your feeling of well-being.

    The most important facts in brief:

    E-smog harmonisation
    Thanks to unique i-like technology, e-smog is harmonised via the HPP™ filter with high-voltage technology!

    Air purification in up to 50 m²
    Efficient air purification, quiet operation, with washable HPP™ filter system and fragrance container.

    Filters 99.97% of all viruses and bacteria
    Fine dust, pollen, dust mite excretions and mould are also neutralised thanks to high-voltage technology.

    With bamboo activated carbon filter
    Bamboo power gives you excellent air purification, harmonisation of Qi (energy) and thus a feeling of well-being.

    Additional information:

    • efficient air purification
    • low-noise operation
    • for rooms up to 50 m²
    • washable HPP™ filter
    • easy replacement of the filters
    • with fragrance container for essential oils
    • with integrated timer and night mode
    • five speed settings
    • modern design

    Whether for neutralising bad odours, neutralising viruses and bacteria, air purification from pollen or other airborne allergens, harmonisation or simply scenting your living and working space, the OptimizAir impresses with its universal application possibilities.

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  • With the e-smog converter, it is possible to neutralise negative information from all mobile telecommunications systems (incl. 5G), from LED and infrared radiation, and from devices and cables that produce e-smog.

    Content: 3 converters in the same package

    Service life: 2022-2025

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    Product details

    The e-smog converter is suitable for use on all electronic devices, especially transmitters and receivers. The converter can be glued directly onto the device, or left in its packaging and placed within a radius of max. 30 cm from the device. The converter must not be bent, cut off or otherwise deformed. The converter is not waterproof (but is splashproof).

    Testing evidence and measurements

    subject was extensively measured in an appropriate laboratory both before and after the application of an converter! The subject was male, 46 years old.

    The picture on the left shows 39% health parameter in the body‘s condition prior to the use of the converter, whereas on the right, the condition with the converter, there is a health parameter of 68%.


    The spline map shows the electrical activity of the brain. Without the converter, on the left, very tense. On the right, with the converter, significantly more balanced.


    The gerontological curve shows - without chip - as a “biological age” 49 years, after the 20-minute application of the chip one of 40 years (“rejuvenation effect”).


    Conclusion of the Health Campus at St. Elisabeth University
    “With these test subjects we could once again show that the autocorrelation IVG, neurodynamic matrix, the biodynamic age, the spline chart brain activity, the health index and further values have improved on average by over 80%. This, after 20 minutes of using the converter!”             

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  • Enjoy the i-like Swiss Bouillon as a hot drink, as a soup, as seasoning or in other uses while cooking. You will enjoy well-balanced nutrition full of good energy and cooked with passion.

    Content: 300 g

    Product details

    What is the secret of the Five Elements cuisine? It is the balance between Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements cuisine is completed primarily by the five tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy). If all five flavours and the basic colours are mixed so that the formulation is balanced according to the thermal principle of yin-yang, then we are speaking of balanced nutrition according to the five elements. This fine art of the Asian regeneration philosophy is applied in the i-like Swiss Bouillon.

    For refining or as base for broths, soups and sauces. Also ideal as seasoning. For use as bouillon, add one tablespoon (approx. 10 g) to 500 ml boiling water and stir well.

    Table salt 47.6 %, maize starch, dried vegetables 12.5 % (onions, carrots), vegetable fat, mixed spices (nutmeg, turmeric, pepper), mixed herbs (parsley, lovage, rosemary)

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