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  • The E-Chip is suitable for everyone and everything that has to do with electricity.
    Simply stick Chips to your mobile phone, to your computer screen, on a lamp, the printer, the plug . . . and experience! You can get detailed usage instructions free of charge from your consultant.

    Service life: a minimum of 30 years

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    Yes, radiation - but preferably vitalised!
    J. Kirschvink of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, has tracked down, that a person has a verifiable and measurable physical receiver for electro-smog in magnetite crystals! Around 5 million magnetite crystals per 1 gram of brain cells is located in the head. There is sufficient sensitivity to prove the harmful effect of electro-smog!

    Testing evidence and measurements

    subject was extensively measured in an appropriate laboratory both before and after the application of an E-Chip! The subject was male, 46 years old.

    The picture on the left shows 39% health parameter in the body‘s condition prior to the use of the chip, whereas on the right, the condition with the chip, there is a health parameter of 68%.


    The spline map shows the electrical activity of the brain. Without the chip, on the left, very tense. On the right, with the chip, significantly more balanced.


    The gerontological curve shows - without chip - as a „biological age“ 49 years, after the 15-minute application of the chip one of 40 years („rejuvenation effect“).


    Conclusion of the Health Campus at St. Elisabeth University
    „With these test subjects we could once again show that the autocorrelation IVG, neurodynamic matrix, the biodynamic age, the spline chart brain activity, the health index and further values have improved on average by over 80%. This, after 15 minutes of using the Chip on a mobile phone!

  • What is the secret of the Five Elements cuisine? It is the balance between Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements cuisine is completed primarily by the five tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy). If all five flavours and the basic colours are mixed so that the formulation is balanced according to the thermal principle of yinyang, then we are speaking of balanced nutrition according to the five elements.
    Cooking according to the five elements is, however, difficult. All the ingredients have to be separated according to the elements, taste, heat, cold and so on. Then they needed to be added in the correct order while cooking. Ideally, the end result is then balanced - thermally, by colour and by taste. This fine art of the Asian regeneration philosophy is applied in the i-like alkaline bouillon.

    Content: 500g

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  • Seit nunmehr 10 Jahren gibt es den Vitalpflaster-Akupunkturatlas.

    Seit kurzem gibt es die neuste Auflage Nr. 6 mit allen aktuellen Anpassungen.

    Der 44 Seitige Vitalpflaster-Akupunkturatlas mit 2 Seiten kompaktem Nachschlagwerk zu Anwendungen (Indikationsliste) und einer Einführung zur Erläuterung.